The Fresh Burger Franchise Story

The Fresh Burger Franchise Story

With the New Year, it often brings along with it the desire for change, taking on new challenges or even starting a new career path.  This often stokes the entrepreneurial fire in people and they begin to start looking for business opportunities that will not only help them achieve their personal goals, but also their financial and income goals. Often overlooked when selecting a business or franchise to invest in is understanding the story behind a brand.  If the story doesn’t resonate with you, you will find it hard to get excited about showing up for work everyday.  At Fresh Burger, our franchise journey is a story of growth, resilience, and the joy of serving superior burgers and fries in our communities.

A Burger Born Out of Passion

In 2013, Fresh Burger came to life after a quest for a well-made classic hamburger in the Greater Toronto Area continually ended in disappointment for our founder Jacques Kavafian.  At the time, however, he did not know that the search for a delicious, old-fashioned, fresh burger would spark an idea that would revolutionize the fast-casual dining experience. As a financial analyst for almost 30 years, Jacques had already spent years analyzing businesses and he understood how to make a fast casual restaurant model profitable. This gave him confidence in knowing that he could build a better, profitable, and admired burger brand, so he left the financial industry to do something about it and opened the very first Fresh Burger location in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

From One Location to Most Admired Burger Brand

What started as a single location in Richmond Hill quickly grew into a family of successful franchise partners. By 2016, Fresh Burger had already doubled the space of the Richmond Hill location to accommodate the growing demand. In 2017, the franchise program was initiated, and the Richmond Hill corporate location was converted and sold to the first franchise partner.

In 2018, we opened two more franchise locations; one purchased by a regular customer and another by a dedicated employee. The word was out, and by 2019, three new locations opened, including our flagship corporate location on Airport Rd in Mississauga.

Thriving Through Adversity

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 proved to be a challenging year for many businesses and industries. Through this however, Fresh Burger remained incredibly resilient. The pandemic forced us to double-down on support and work together with our franchise owners to ensure survival. As many businesses struggled to stay open, Fresh Burger not only survived, but we managed to achieve record revenue growth.

This challenge demonstrated to us that even in uncertain times, our model could thrive. In fact, two more locations opened during the pandemic, showcasing the strength of the Fresh Burger franchise business model.

How Our Founder’s Background Shaped a Strong Franchise Model

Fresh Burger’s success lies in Jacques Kavafian’s three decades as a financial analyst. His expertise in pulling apart economic models and understanding the intricacies of what makes a business profitable played a huge part in crafting the Fresh Burger franchise model.

Key Elements of the Franchise Model:

  • Simplicity not Complexity = Profitability: The menu is designed for profitability, focusing on simplicity and the science of taste (Yes, there is a science of taste)
  • Unit-Level Economics: The model ensures competitive pricing and lower labour costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Support for Franchise Partners: Continuous support, and ensuring franchisees have the tools, training and business knowledge to excel.

Join us in our mission to build a better burger, a better businesses and better communities. From the passion that ignited our founder’s search for the freshest burger to the expansion of our franchise family, every step of the way has been guided by a commitment to quality, simplicity, and the joy of serving exceptional food.

If you’re seeking a franchise opportunity that combines a proven model with a supportive team, Fresh Burger invites you to be a part of our success story. Inquire about franchise opportunities by clicking the link below and start your journey towards a fresh start and entrepreneurial achievement.